Support the Independence of Hillsdale College—and Hillsdale’s Vital Work on Behalf of Liberty and Limited Government


Goal: $2,500,000

Independence is invaluable. That’s why Hillsdale refuses to accept a SINGLE PENNY of federal or state government funding—to safeguard our ability to carry out our educational mission on behalf of liberty, both on our campus and across America.

Some ask, “Why refuse money from the government? Why turn down millions and millions of taxpayer dollars each year, even indirect dollars in the form of federal and state student grants and loans? After all, most other colleges depend on taxpayer dollars to survive!”

Hillsdale’s answer is simple: “There is no constitutional basis for federal involvement in higher education. And as a practical matter, with government MONEY comes government CONTROL.”

Money from the government comes with strings attached—bureaucratic regulations and mandates concerning how colleges operate, including who to enroll, who to hire, and even what to teach.

Independence from bureaucratic interference is vital to Hillsdale’s mission, including its vast educational outreach efforts on behalf of liberty.

And right now, your support of that independence is critical to Hillsdale’s future work. Your gift will put Hillsdale on a sound footing for 2018—and help it continue and expand its work, including in the following ways:

  • Properly educating America’s future leaders. Hillsdale College provides its students the finest liberal arts education in the land. Since 1844, we have been preparing our students for citizenship and leadership. This includes teaching them how and why America’s principles of liberty have made our nation the freest and most prosperous in human history. For instance, Hillsdale is among the very few American colleges and universities that requires all students, regardless of major, to take a one-semester course on the Constitution.
  • Sending Imprimis to more than 3.7 million households and businesses each month. Hillsdale’s monthly speech-digest of liberty addresses political, economic, and cultural issues of the day, and is sent free to any citizen who wishes to receive it. Hillsdale is on track to increase the circulation of Imprimis to over 4 million in 2018.
  • Enabling Hillsdale’s Barney Charter School Initiative to continue to thrive. This Initiative helps to launch and provides guidance to classical K-12 charter schools nationwide. There are already 17 Hillsdale-affiliated K-12 schools in nine different states. Each of these schools offers a rigorous, classical education with a strong civics component—American history, government, and economics—that is increasingly absent in American K-12 education as a whole.
  • Offering high-quality online courses, free of charge, to any citizen who wishes to learn. Hillsdale’s free online courses address such topics as the Constitution, American history, public policy, free market economics, the writings of C.S. Lewis, and the statesmanship of Winston Churchill. Over 1.5 million citizens have already enrolled in at least one Hillsdale online course, and over 300,000 have taken multiple courses. New courses are produced and offered each semester, and all courses are archived and available to begin at any time.
  • Teaching the Constitution in our nation’s capital—where it is severely needed. Through Hillsdale’s Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship, located on Capitol Hill, the College offers programs to educate policymakers and opinion leaders with an emphasis on applying constitutional principles to public policy.

Everything Hillsdale does—including its nationwide outreach efforts, which reach tens of millions each year on behalf of liberty—are funded solely by private donations. To maintain its crucial independence, Hillsdale will never accept a single penny from the government—which is why it is critical for Americans of like mind, such as you, to partner with us in support of our mission.

Will you help Hillsdale remain truly independent in order to continue its vital work in support of liberty and limited government?

Please make your best tax-deductible gift to Hillsdale College today.

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