Today, we take a stand for the Constitution

We live in a time of unprecedented government overreach. Our freedoms, which have made America the greatest nation in the world, are at risk because the government has grown so large that it verges on becoming uncontrollable.

Americans have become so accustomed to unelected bureaucrats eating away at our liberty that young people are actually beginning to desire it! It’s no coincidence that Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, was the choice of 72% of Democratic primary voters under age 29. And nearly half of his total votes came from college graduates!

Though Sanders didn’t win the nomination, his policies are now considered mainstream by Progressive politicians and voters, and at a rally in June, 20,000 of his dedicated supporters pledged to run for local, state, and federal office to bring his socialist vision to reality. Imagine a world where government—no longer “of, by, and for the people”—controls every detail of our lives, and you can begin to comprehend the crisis we face today.

That brings us to this critical moment.

The Progressive Movement’s assault on liberty began well over 100 years ago, strategically taking over higher education to influence the minds of young Americans, many of whom went on to lead the political attack on constitutional government.

Likewise, education is the key to reversing the gains of Progressivism and restoring liberty in America.  To turn back the Progressive assault, we must make an equally powerful effort for the cause of liberty.

That’s why Hillsdale College has chosen today—Constitution Day—to mark the beginning of an accelerated plan to educate millions of Americans about the Constitution.

  • The first step is to expand Hillsdale’s efforts to teach young people about the blessings of liberty, and what is required to preserve them. We will accomplish this by promoting classical K-12 education (with a strong civics component) nationwide, through Imprimis, and by continuing to educate our bright and ambitious students on campus—America’s future leaders.
  • But we must also reach those citizens who are past their formative years. That’s why we offer “Constitution 101” absolutely free of charge online to anyone who wants to enroll. In the past 5 years, we’ve educated more than a million citizens through this course and others like it. If we are to push back against the force of progressivism, we must rapidly enroll even more students in these free online courses.
  • To manage and maximize the effectiveness of these initiatives, we must measure their impact. That’s why we are launching a groundbreaking new study: The National Index of Constitutional Literacy. This annual survey will benchmark how well Americans understand the Constitution, which will help us to be even more effective.

It’s an ambitious plan. But it’s the most effective way to spark a renewed love for liberty and a restoration of limited government. However, these initiatives will not succeed without your support. That’s why the College seeks to raise $250,000 by midnight tonight in order to launch this plan immediately.

Will you make your most generous gift to roll back the gains of the Progressive Movement, restore the Constitution, and renew a love of liberty in America? Remember, Hillsdale is the only college in America capable of educating millions of citizens on the principles of liberty—and doing so while refusing every penny of taxpayer funding—even indirectly in the form of federal student grants and loans. So your support is even more important to us.

Make your best gift by midnight tonight.

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