You can help Hillsdale restore liberty in America…and in Washington, D.C.

The greatest threat to American liberty today comes from an expanding, despotic federal government. As unelected bureaucrats intrude more and more into our daily lives and threaten our livelihoods, it is urgent to restore constitutional limited government.

Hillsdale’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship serves as a strategic beachhead for liberty in Washington, D.C. – just steps from the Capitol building.

Mike Lee: “I’ve been to your wonderful Kirby Center many times. In fact, I sometimes refer to it as kind of an island oasis getaway just a block or so away from Capitol Hill. Literally, every time I go over there, I walk away feeling refreshed and feeling like I’ve learned something.”

To continue and expand our educational outreach to more than 7,000 top state and federal officials from all 50 states, we’ve set a goal to raise $350,000 by midnight on June 30 (the end of the College’s fiscal year).

When you support this effort,

  • You’ll help educate thousands of government officials and their staffs in our nation’s capital, equipping them to advance an agenda for liberty through the efforts of Hillsdale’s Kirby Center.
  • You’ll help send more Hillsdale students to Washington, D.C. to study while working for America’s most influential conservative leaders, think tanks, and organizations.
  • You’ll help expand the Madison Fellows program, which gathers hundreds of senior congressional staffers to discuss the application of constitutional principles to current public policy.

And if you give before June 30 at midnight, generous donors who share your love for liberty – and your determination to revive limited government will match your gift dollar-for-dollar.

Make your gift to Hillsdale College before June 30th and it will have twice the impact

That means your gift will go twice as far to help educate policy makers and opinion leaders, including congressmen and their staff members on the Constitution and its importance to liberty.

Make your gift before June 30 at midnight and it will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

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